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Tax Clearance

All companies that are subject to tax laws applied in the State of Kuwait and were not registered with the tax administration must apply for registration before requesting the certificate tax Clearance) Release of the impounded income certificate.

Our Responsibility (Deliverables)

  Tax payment service

  A Certificate tax Clearance (customized)

  A Certificate tax Clearance (General)

  A tax residency certificate

Country Procedures For Tax Clearance:

Required Documents

  Copy of the civil ID

  Copy of the license, the commercial register and the signature authorization, for companies

  Copy of the foundation contract and most recent amendments, for companies

  Request letter on license issuance, for individuals

  Copy of the contract concluded, for individuals

  Copy of the passport

Procedures :

  Submit the required documents and fill the service applications forms

  Submit the documents and forms at the General Register Section of the Ministry of Finance

  Receive the clearance certificate from the Certificates Issuance Section after fulfilling all requests

Corporate Tax

Companies are resident in Kuwait if it earns income from Kuwait, directly or indirectly. would be subject to tax. In addition, any foreign corporate body that is a shareholder in a Kuwaiti limited liability company would be subject to tax to the extent of the foreign ownership , GCC entities wholly owned by GCC residents are treated in the same manner as Kuwaiti business entities. All incomes earned from activities in Kuwait (Foreign companies) should be subject to tax in Kuwait. The Tax current rate in Kuwait is a flat rate of 15%. The Tax Department obliges Kuwaiti companies to make a mandatory deduction of 5% as tax retention requirement on transactions with foreign companies for the work carried out inside Kuwait. Foreign companies carrying on trade or business in the offshore area of the partitioned neutral zone under the control and administration of Saudi Arabia are only subject to tax in Kuwait on 50% of their taxable profit under the law

Our Responsibility (Deliverables)

  Preparing the tax return


Zakat is imposed on all publicly traded and closed Kuwaiti shareholding companies at a rate of 1% of the companies’ net profits.

Our Responsibility (Deliverables)

  Preparing the Zakat return

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) Contribution.
All Kuwaiti shareholding companies are required to pay 1% of their net profits as per their financial statements, after transfer to the statutory reserve and the offset of losses carried forward, to the KFAS, which supports scientific progress.

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