Digital Transformation vs. Digital Adoption

 I was recently at Promedia’s Digital Transformation Conference and, as a Business Analyst & Advisor, I spoke quite realistically about the Digital Transformation concept in Kuwait. I pointed out that Kuwait isn’t really witnessing a Digital Transformation per say; however, a Digital Adoption approach in a number of the country’s Government and Private sectors is somewhat practiced but still at a very basic level.  I referred to my recent visit marking the Digital Transformation year at 2007.

Big Data Conference, London 2017
Get the Essentials right first, then Transform.

For the organisations’ attending the conference to accurately understand the meaning of a Digital Transformation, the digital essentials should be accepted and embedded at an enterprise-wide level in order to have an enterprise-wide impact. Studies share 6 key practices, I highlighted two most critical essentials that can be implemented by organisations in Kuwait. #1 Develop an Incremental Digital Journey  #2 Priorotise what you measure, measure what you measure.

We later discussed an important digital strategy referred to as the “Next-Generation Operating Model” consisting of two principles: 1. Integrated operational-improvement program (implementing a unified operational system that aims to fully leverage the opportunities of new technologies and their impact to the organisation); 2. Adopting multiple levers in sequence to achieve compound impact (related to principle 1, following the unified operation to develop a holistic and consistent customer journey yet treating each customer uniquely different depending on where they are in the journey). Finally, we concluded our presentation by highlighting Kuwait’s 2035 Smart City vision of developing connected and convenient eco-friendly cities that would disrupt then eventually transform the RealEstate industry.

We’d like to thank ProMedia International for giving us the opportunity to speak and hear from experts representing various industries in Kuwait and their viewpoints and expectations of what a Digital transformation would mean to the governmental and private sectors in the long-term.

A group photo with some of the speakers. From left to right: Ayman Soliman, Afwaz Alkhuzam, ,Marwan Zalloum, Tony Michel Zekry